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Wednesday 4/4/2007
bmx history @ 23mag bmx

Old-school BMXFrom Skateboarder magazine, February 1980: “Summer, 1979. Rocky Mountain Surf Skatepark Salt Lake City, Utah. Skateboarder staff photographer Jim Goodrich, on special assignment, happens upon a BMX demo here during a major skate competiton. Evidently, park two-wheeling has become more widespread and advanced than we originally thought. Park two-wheeling borrows maneuvers from dirt riding, especially free-form jumping, as well as from skating. Turning the wheel to the side in the air is called a cross-up. BMXers are also pulling off drop-ins, fakies, stalls, slides, 180 aerials, wheelie variations and a wide variety of hybrid moves.” MORE ➲

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I love bikes, even if that one Queen song is really annoying. I still love bikes.

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