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Archive for “Tube maps”

Friday 3/30/2007
Animals on the Underground

ElephantThis one’s probably the most fun tube map variation to come along…

“The animals, made up using tube lines, stations and junctions on the London Underground map were spotted by Paul Middlewick some 17 years ago.” MORE ➲

Posted in March 2007 | Tube maps

Thursday 3/29/2007
Worldwide tube, subway and metro maps

“Tube, subway and metro maps of other cities.” MORE ➲

Posted in March 2007 | Tube maps

Wednesday 3/28/2007
Time-based Tube Map

“Attention London tube map freaks: Oskar Karlin, whom we’ve met before, designed a new map of the London Underground as a design project. “I knew couldn’t just do a normal re-design; something had to be added. I started thinking what’s different in the world now from when the map was designed and one thing that are different today is time.” MORE ➲

Posted in March 2007 | Tube maps

Tuesday 3/27/2007
Ask E.T.: London Underground maps

Information design guru Edward Tufte on the tube map: “Harry Beck’s diagram of the 7+ lines of the London Underground, although geographically inaccurate, provides a coherent overview of a complex system. With excellent color printing, classic British railroad typography (by Edward Johnson), and, in the modern style, only horizontal, vertical, and 45 degree lines, the map became a beautiful organizing image of London.” MORE ➲

Posted in March 2007 | Tube maps

Monday 3/26/2007
Hand drawn Underground map

“Harry Beck designed the first diagrammatic style tube map. It was published by London Transport in 1933. Over subsequent years Beck updated his diagram to include developments to the network. His method of designing often involved cutting out sections of maps to enable reworking. This is a section from a map that was never issued.” MORE ➲

Posted in March 2007 | Tube maps

Friday 3/23/2007
Anagram Tube Map

“This Rhythmic & Mismate train is stopping at Frog Innard, Tasted Algae and Apt Nodding: Thank you to the dozens of people who have now said ‘saw this and thought of you’ and ‘have you seen this?’ — it’s the fantastic London Underground Tube Map where someone has made brilliant anagrams from every Tube station’s name.” MORE ➲

Posted in March 2007 | Tube maps

Thursday 3/22/2007
Disused Stations on London’s Underground

“One of the things I find most interesting is the changing history of the railway, of which there is still much hidden evidence. For example, look through the window as you travel between Tottenham Court Road and Holborn on the Central Line and you’ll see a station — where no passengers have alighted since 1932. This used to be British Museum station.” MORE ➲

Posted in March 2007 | Tube maps

Wednesday 3/21/2007
Tube Map with Walklines

“For some journeys it’s really not worth getting on the tube: it takes a long time, and costs you money. Sometimes it’s quicker and easier to walk. This is a slightly altered map showing which stations are an arbitrary and as-the-crow-flies 500 metres apart from each other.” MORE ➲

Posted in March 2007 | Tube maps

Tuesday 3/20/2007
Deeper and Deeper

“The first underground lines, the Metropolitan, District and Circle, ran just below the surface. Building sub-surface lines was costly and caused massive disruption to streets, buildings and mains services. In 1870, a new kind of underground railway was built, using a deep tunnel bored through the soft but watertight London clay. This was the first of the ‘tubes.'” READ ➲

Posted in March 2007 | Tube maps

Monday 3/19/2007
Music history rendered on a London Tube Map

Music as tube map“Could we chart the branches and connections of 100 years of music using the London Underground map? Dorian Lynskey explains how a box of coloured crayons and lot of swearing helped.” MORE ➲

Posted in March 2007 | Tube maps

Friday 3/16/2007
Marathon Drinkers

Beer“Founded by Tim and JJ as a method for people to follow our progress in our monster dual challenge. After successfully completing the 2005 London Marathon we have set ourselves the challenge of drinking at the nearest pub to EVERY tube station on the London Underground map!” MORE ➲

Posted in March 2007 | Tube maps

Thursday 3/15/2007
World subways

“Subway systems of the world, presented on the same scale.” VIEW ➲

Posted in March 2007 | Tube maps

Wednesday 3/14/2007
District Dave’s London Underground Site

“Although broadly concerning the whole of London Underground it inevitably focuses on the District Line — the line on which I work. However, much of the information contained here is generic to the network.” MORE ➲

Posted in March 2007 | Tube maps

Tuesday 3/13/2007
Tube map variations

“There is the tube map as you’ve grown to know and love it, and there are spins offs – many spins off, that I’ve come across and collected, and are all nicely here for you in one place. Some are useful, some are a little silly.” MORE ➲

Posted in March 2007 | Tube maps

Monday 3/12/2007
Fun tube map

“The detail from the map below comes from a really funny tube map from the ‘Have I Got 1997 For You’ book. It’s from the satirical team who put together the popular quiz show ‘Have I Got News for You’. It really gives you a flavour of life on the tube…” MORE ➲

Posted in March 2007 | Tube maps

Friday 3/9/2007
London Tube + satellite imagery

“I’ve taken Simon Clarke’s geographically accurate map and overlaid it onto a NASA satellite image of London.” MORE ➲

Posted in March 2007 | Tube maps

Thursday 3/8/2007
London Underground Guide: Going Underground.net

“Going Underground is the website about the London Underground that’s not for trainspotters. It was born in the first few days of 1999, and is now an extensive site…” MORE ➲

Posted in March 2007 | Tube maps

Wednesday 3/7/2007
Geographically accurate Tube map

Geographically accurate Tube map“Prompted by a discussion about maps of the London Underground I had with a friend, I spent a few minutes searching for a geographically accurate Tube map that I remembered running across a couple of years ago.” VIEW ➲

Posted in March 2007 | Tube maps

Tuesday 3/6/2007
Google Maps/London Tube Map mashup

“If you click on one of the stations… the map will pan to the corresponding location. The controls on the top left hand corner of the map allow you to zoom in and out and move around. The dropdowns above the list of stations allow you to sort the list by zones and/or lines.” VIEW ➲

Posted in March 2007 | Tube maps

Monday 3/5/2007
The London Tube Map Archive

Features a variety of versions of the Tube Map from throughout the 20th century. MORE ➲

Posted in March 2007 | Tube maps

Friday 3/2/2007
Designer Trading Cards: Harry Beck

“Harry Beck was an out-of-work engineering draughtsman when, in 1931, he produced the first sketch for what has become a classic of 20th century design, the London Underground map. He had been a temporary worker in the Signal Engineer’s office for about six years, but had recently been dismissed in a cost-cutting exercise.” MORE ➲

Posted in March 2007 | Tube maps

Thursday 3/1/2007
Tube maps: Transport for London

London's Tube Map“You can download and print, or just view online, our famous Tube map. We also have versions showing disabled access and links to trains and trams.” Also features a short official history: Introducing Harry Beck. MORE ➲

Posted in March 2007 | Tube maps

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